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Since 2004, Thurgood Productions has been innovating media and marketing towards the future! Our goal is to help you bring your media dreams to life, and to always make it an enjoyable, easy process! Our mission is to inspire the world through the media we create!       

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Ryan Thurgood

Ryan has filmed, edited and directed over 2000 projects including a diverse genre of subjects. He began filming sports in 2000 and by 2004 what started as a hobby became a full-time career. Thurgood Productions was officially created as a company in 2004 and though the long nights editing continued, working full-time allowed him to film and edit at all hours of the day as well. Ryan acquired contracts with professional sports teams, small businesses and large corporations from coast to coast. There were many months traveling to New York every other week and he enjoyed getting to know his clients on the east coast. He began focusing on a variety of businesses including Fortune 500 companies and international businesses. His videos have been shown worldwide to millions of viewers. 

One of Ryan’s greatest abilities is to market the videos he shoots. He loves to research, study and analyze competition then create and market his videos for his clients to specific areas of the world to make them standout. He has seen his clients grow from five million dollar companies to being worth hundreds of millions in a short time. From researching to filming to marketing, Ryan has gained a wealth of knowledge over the years and loves what he does. In his free time Ryan loves spending time with his wife and four children. He loves all things outdoors including mountain biking, fishing, ATV’s, snowmobiling, archery and traveling. He enjoys watching and attending all sports. After living as a mission for two years in both Greece and Cyprus he speaks Greek and enjoys learning everything he can about the region. If he has a day off you’ll often find Ryan looking for a area to fish, ride or explore with a camera or drone in hand.

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